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At R Street, we believe in building broad coalitions. We regularly partner with academic institutions and a variety of policy-focused organizations from points all across the political spectrum. in order to advance shared goals around real solutions and public policy supporting free markets and limited, effective government.


If you work at an organization that has work overlapping with ours and would like to work together, email our scholars directly.


Contact the R Street communications team to book our scholars on television, radio or print, engage them for a speaking event, ask them questions and more. Our scholars can give you helpful insights either on or off the record. They provide illumination — not canned quotes.


E-mail [email protected] to reach our media relations team directly.

Federal Government Affairs

If you work in public policy at the federal level, our scholars want to talk with you, share ideas and help advise on public policy. We work across multiple policy areas, including but not limited to:

Criminal justice and civil liberties, cybersecurity and emerging threats, energy and environment, finance and trade, governance, harm reduction, health care disintermediation, insurance, technology and innovation, alcohol policy and more. Learn about all our issues here. Learn more about our federal government affairs team here.


Please contact Jeff Vanderslice, Director, Federal Government Affairs [email protected].

State Government Affairs

Our state government affairs team divides the country into regions. They work with state-based public policy organizations and educate lawmakers across all our policy issues. Learn more about the team here.


If it is a state government affairs issue, please refer to the list or map below for the proper point of contact.

Western Region – Steven Greenhut, [email protected]. Bio.

Midwest Region – Alan Smith, [email protected]. Bio.

Northeast – Robert Melvin. [email protected]. Bio.

Southeast – Marc Hyden, [email protected]. Bio.

Texas – Josiah Neeley, [email protected]. Bio.

Use the links below to download the R Street Institute’s logo. If you need help, please e-mail Shoshana Weissmann, [email protected].

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